Duncan Garner: Grace Millane trial shows the law needs to change to put victims first

OPINION: From where you sit you have every right to be shaking your head and asking - why does Grace Millane's murderer still enjoy the privacy of name suppression when all the details of Grace's young life and what she got up to has been dragged through the courts for not just New Zealand but the world to see? 

Her reputation, her life, her preferences, her youthful experiments -  open to full judgement, and she can't defend herself. 

For her parents it must have been awfully painful, wincing each time some new detail was made public, whether it was true or just defence slander - it doesn't matter, it's out there now. 

Yet the killer, because that's what this cold, callous, calculating monster is, still hides behind name suppression. 

No wonder voters demand change.

Whose justice system is this? 

Victims, and especially victims of sexual abuse and violence, should get immediate change as a result of this trial.

Witnesses who had dated this monster pleaded not to return the next day to give further evidence. 

It's like they were on trial - as they sat just metres away from the man who murdered Grace. But it could have been them. They should never be put in that situation.

Surely Justice Minister Andrew Little has concerns about this trial.

The challenge for Little now is to do something that truly puts victims first.

They need to be protected, especially victims of sexual violence. We owe this to Grace and her family. 

It's the least we can do. 

Duncan Garner is host of The AM Show.