End could be in sight for Gloriavale as more families flee

There are claims the end is in sight for Gloriavale as a new support trust for victims takes off. 

A fundraising event was held on Thursday night to raise money to re-home the increasing number of families fleeing the West Coast cult.

Leavers Support Trust general manager Liz Gregory says their stories are harrowing. 

She told The AM Show on Friday that victims have described their experiences as a living nightmare.

"They're alarmed by the kindness and love shown by people they were told were 'wicked and evil'," Gregory said. "That is their overwhelming feeling."

Gregory said there are many hurdles for the brainwashed victims.

"They just can't believe they were lied to about people out here; that you can be a Christian out here," she told The AM Show.

Last week it was revealed two large families had left the reclusive religious community, home to about 600 people.

Anyone who walks away expects to be completely cut off from their family and friends who stay behind.

In July religious historian Peter Lineham said more often than not Gloriavale members will leave the community in a state of trauma.

"The outside world is not like Gloriavale, and they need a huge amount of assistance to make the transition practical, financial but also psychological," he said.

"There's some very serious risks that they will have crises of confidence and want to go back. Support and love and kindness is going to make a huge difference."

Nearly 100 former Gloriavale members have now been resettled.