Ex-nurse shocked by attack at Henderson medical centre

There are calls for the community to respect our medical staff, following an attack on two west Auckland workers.

Employees were assaulted at the Henderson's White Cross early on Saturday morning.

Waitakere Ward Councillor Linda Cooper says they are often in difficult situations.

"Medical and nursing staff are really at the front line. They do a really tough job day after day. Generally as communities, we've got to respect that. They're trying to do their best."

One witness told NZME gang members burst in and started attacking staff and intimidating patients.

A 22-year-old woman has been charged with assault and wilful damage.

"I'm an ex-nurse myself, and I know people can get stressed - they don't like waiting, said Cooper. "However attacking the people that are supposed to be caring for you is not the answer."

The clinic was forced to close.

Cooper says assaults on medical workers are becoming more common.

"Talking to the police, people are getting more and more erratic - they often put it down to synthetic cannabis because there's so many different types of mixtures, they're saying behaviour is often really unpredictable."

The accused will appear in court on Friday.