'Get out the bolt cutters and tasers': Ryan Bridge slams Greenpeace oil protesters

Magic Talk host Ryan Bridge says authorities need to get in and remove protesters on an oil exploration ship who are "stopping business".

Police have already arrested a number of protesters who stormed the oil company support vessel at the Port of Timaru.

It's destined for Taranaki, but the protest has delayed it setting sail by 24 hours.

"Get out the bolt cutters and tasers if you have to," Bridge said on his Monday show. "Just get in here and get them out."

Before his comments, Bridge spoke with Greenpeace climate and energy campaigner Amanda Larsson.

"We're already seeing the impacts of climate change now - things could get really disastrous," she said.

Bridge was having none of it.

"They are stopping business," he told listeners after the interview. "They are affecting livelihoods and people's jobs."

Bridge said the protesters are "as culpable as anyone else".

"They can't even string together a serious argument as to why they should be there."

During the interview, Larsson said oil companies have had "ample opportunity" to change to clean energy.

"Yet here they are spending millions of dollars drilling for new oil and gas that's driving a climate emergency and that's unacceptable.

"This isn't funny, this is a serious issue," she told Magic Talk.

Bridge questioned Larsson on whether she knew the cost of operating an oil ship.

"I don't have those figures," she replied.

"Do you know how many oil and gas jobs are on the line?" asked Bridge.

"There's only a handful," said Larsson.

Thirty protesters boarded the rig on Sunday as part of the Greenpeace campaign to stop oil exploration.

It's hoped their actions will do more than stall the oil company, instead stopping them all together.