Grace Millane murder trial: Previous dates, pathologist, CCTV footage in week two

The trial of Grace Millane's alleged murderer enters its second week on Monday, with the jury expected to hear from women the accused dated as well as a pathologist.

Proceedings at the Auckland High Court began last Monday with a jury of seven women and five men selected to consider the fate of the 27-year-old accused of strangling the British backpacker in December last year.

The Crown alleges that after a Tinder date with Millane on December 1, the man murdered the young Brit via sustained pressure to her neck in the Auckland Central CityLife hotel. This is disputed, however, by the defence, who says the death was an accident after a form of rough sex both partners consented to.

Following opening statements on Wednesday, Crown witness testimonies began, including evidence from detectives who examined the hotel room as well as a statement from a close friend of Millane's.

Testimonies will continue this week, with the Crown expected to call several women the man previously met for dates.

One witness will be the woman the Crown said the accused had drinks with at a Ponsonby bar while Millane's body lay in the hotel room.

Prosecutor Robin McCoubrey told the court on Wednesday that during that Tinder date the accused spoke of a man who was jailed for manslaughter after rough sex went wrong. The Crown said that may show the defendant "testing" out his version of events.

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More CCTV footage will also be played for the jury, displaying the accused's actions after Millane's death.

Defence lawyer Ian Brookie told the jury in his opening address on Wednesday that undue weight shouldn't be placed on the accused's "post-death conduct" as it wouldn't help them understand what happened in the CityLife apartment.

Pathologist Dr Simon Stables will also take the stand this week, likely to discuss bruises found on Millane's neck and chest. Millane's body was discovered contorted into a suitcase at the bottom of a gravesite in the Waitakere Ranges a week after she went missing.

The trial was set down for four to five weeks, however, Justice Simon Moore has indicated to the jury it may finish earlier. The accused has name suppression throughout.