Hamilton woman dies after alleged domestic violence assault

New Zealand's domestic violence crisis has claimed another alleged victim following a death in Hamilton on Sunday.

Crystal Selwyn died after an alleged assault in her home, and a 36-year-old man has been charged with wounding with intent to cause grievous bodily harm. Police aren't looking for any more suspects.

Crystal, 38, was described as a true Kiwi battler and a solo mum trying to get a break. She had eight children.

The death shocked her family, including her sister-in-law Stephanie Peeni.

"The world has definitely lost an amazing woman.

"The youngest six kids watched it happen and they tried to protect their mum. They'll be scarred for the rest of their life," she said.

Crystal's death is the 22nd attributed to domestic violence this year, the highest number in six years. There is an average of two deaths per month.

"She's gone and her eight babies have lost a mum a month before Christmas. It's cruel. It's so cruel," Stephanie said.

"We need to be loud and we need to scream from the rooftops that it's not okay."

In May, Crystal was working five nights a week as a cleaner. She had bad teeth and was hoping to get new ones to help her get a better job.

"A lot of jobs I want to get into are customer service, but I don't have the confidence to even go into a job interview and say, 'I want to be your frontline face sort of thing'," she said.

She had a genetic condition that meant her teeth were very soft. Every tooth had rotted and needed to be removed.

"Even extractions are expensive, so I was hoping they'd all fall out and I could just get dentures, but apparently that doesn't work," she said in May.

Her extractions and dentures were estimated to cost $8259, but dentist Assil Russell and the Revive a Smile charity offered to do it for free.

Speaking to Crystal, Assil said: "You are going to get dentures, you are going to get a complete smile, you are going to look great."

Crystal's dentist said her teeth had been removed and her new dentures were finished and ready to wear. She was very excited to get her new teeth and show her kids before Christmas.

Crystal's family have set up Give-a-Little pages to raise money for her children.

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