Hundreds of chocolate bars retrieved after police bust 'prolific' shoplifters

Auckland police have busted two prolific shoplifters with hundred of stolen chocolate bars and lollies. 

The offenders have been charged with theft after stealing the sweets, which they planned to sell to smaller businesses.

North Shore, Rodney and West Auckland Police shared the news on Facebook on Wednesday and couldn't resist a few puns.

"Our officers weren't going to have a bar of that, and the alleged thieves were in for a choc when they were charged and told they will appear in court this month," read the post.

The tongue in cheek post has received more than a hundred likes and commenters are joining in on the fun.

"They sugar known better," wrote one man.

"What a sweet result!" said another.

"Mmmmm almost worth going to jail for. Did they steal it whitt-a-car?"

Police will be speaking with the retailers to organise whether the stolen treats can be returned and resold.  

The two offenders will appear in court later this month.



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