Karangahape Road business owners concerned over impact of 'chaotic' City Rail Link construction

Business owners around Auckland's famous Karangahape Road are worried they will suffer from City Rail Link's construction work.

Building demolition to clear the way for Karangahape Station begins on Monday.

There's also another big project in the area that's seeing small businesses lose big money. 

Karangahape Road's always been a colourful place.

"We chose this area because it's got that griminess to," said DEF store owner, Chey Ataria.

Skate-shop owner Ataria loves the culture of the area, but is worried he might be forced to move.

His shop relies on foot traffic, which could be seriously impacted by the construction of the City Rail Link. 

"Four years is a long time. Even one-year to try and survive if it's going to be chaotic roadworks... one-year could kill a business easy," said Ataria.

He's hoping they won't be affected like those located on Albert Street in the CBD, who have watched their businesses die due to City Rail Link construction.

"I think the timing is probably bad too... this is going to be peak retail season and they're going to start digging up the road," he explained.

There's also a lot more construction happening on K Road that's causing problems.  

Small businesses next to an enhancement project say they're losing big money while the cycleway and wider footpaths are created.

Andy Ozbal runs Zeki's Mediterranean Bakery and says business is down around 40 percent.

"It's not just the noise, it's also the dust that comes with it. I hardly get people sitting outside now," Ozbal told Newshub.

"It's human psychology. You want to avoid where there's construction going on... you want to avoid that zone."

It's even worse for Jamal Cherguit at his neighbouring Algerian Cafe. 

"So far it's [down] between 50 and 60 percent," said Cherguit.

Last week the Government and Auckland Council announced they'll be creating a hardship fund for affected Albert Street business owners. 

Now, those on Karangahape Road are hoping it doesn't come to that for them.