More than 100 plastic-stuffed letters sent to Parliament this week

More than 100 letters stuffed with single-use plastics have been sent to Parliament this week.

The plastic2parliament initiative encourages members of the public to send its single-use plastic waste to MPs to illustrate the scale of the issue.

"Plastics are now in our water, our air, our food and we now eat about a credit cards worth or more every year," said organiser Wade Bishop.

"The purpose of the initiative is to creatively emphasise how these non-recyclable products cannot be avoided by consumers," he said in a statement on Tuesday.

Bishop is asking politicians to focus on regulation for the producers of plastic packaging. 

The letters sent with the plastic asks MPs for bans on avoidable plastics, and for all political parties to have a plastic-waste reduction policy.  

"People are tired of plastic pollution being framed as a consumer issue, or one that is simply a matter of better collection and recycling," he said. 

People interested in the initiative can send their plastic waste to politicians via the Parliamentary Freepost address, says Bishop.

He says this week alone more than 130 plastic stuffed letters were mailed to NZ First MP Jenny Marcroft.

Marcroft says she has received a number of letters, but nowhere near the number quoted by Bishop.

So far she has received 30 letters.