New Auckland childcare centre to offer extended opening hours, on-site doctor

A new childcare centre in east Auckland will soon be looking after children from 7am to 8pm. 

The mega-centre will not only offer extended hours but an on-site doctor, physio and pharmacy.  

The soon-to-open Rainbow Corner in Flat Bush could be a second home for up to 200 preschoolers where they will be able to spend sunrise to sunset away from their parents.

Owner Rrahul Dosshi says he's trying to cater for shift workers like emergency services and DHB staff.

"A change of shift is usually around 6pm or 7pm, so by the time they are finished the shift, go home and then pick the child up... it's a challenge," says Dosshi.

However, he says he won't be encouraging families to leave their kids all day. 

The new idea got a mixed response from Auckland parents.

"I think that's quite a long day for the kids," said a local dad.

"it's convenient, in this modern day and age people have to work long hours," said another.

"I have done that with my older kids and they've turned out fine, but I don't think it's the best practice," said one mum.

From early December, parents will be able to leave their children at the daycare centre for 13 hours - the longest of any centre nationwide. The massive two-storey site is fully equipped with on-site catering for kids and tired parents as well as the aforementioned medical facilities. 

One parenting expert says the added extras will be hugely convenient for time-poor parents, many of them stuck in Auckland's traffic - yet he warns people to remember that nothing compares to quality time. 

"For very young children the most important thing in their life is the quality with which they bond with their parents and if something is getting in the way of that, it could have a long-term impact," says expert John Cowan.

With the final touches being added, Flat Bush is not far away from having its first one-stop childcare shop.