New Auckland e-scooter provider says their scooters are safer than Lime's

An electric scooter company replacing Lime on Auckland's streets says they're in for a challenge. 

The council is adding four new companies, hoping to improve safety for riders and pedestrians after giving scandal-hit Lime the boot

But Beam spokesperson Christopher Hilton says there will be some bumps along the way.

"What we have to do is mitigate those - we have to recognise that. We have to communicate not only with people who will be riding e-scooters, but also those who won't."

More than 2 million rides have been taken on Auckland's Lime scooters since last November, but they've been beset by tech issues such as failing brakes.

"Lime is incredibly disappointed to hear we will not be able to support the thousands of riders who use our scooters every day in Auckland," said Lime NZ public affairs manager Lauren Mentjox.

"Safety is and has always been at the forefront of our mission. Our scooters are the most technologically advanced and safest e-scooter available."

Hilton says Beam scooters are even safer.

"These scooters have a larger wheel base, a little bit wider footboard and dynamic braking that allows for a safer ride. We're also proud of our class-leading insurance -the only operator that has rider insurance."

But people still need to learn to use them properly.

"[Drivers of] cars and other vehicles need to learn how to interact with e-scooters. There is necessary and proactive activity that an operator has to do."

Almost 3 million kilometres have been travelled on Lime scooters in Auckland in the past year. 

Lime's scooters will be off the roads on December 2. Other companies taking over, along with Beam, are Neuron, Flamingo and Uber-owned Jump.