Parents to step in for kids in global climate strike

The climate strike movement has gained strength recently.
The climate strike movement has gained strength recently. Photo credit: Getty

Parents will be stepping in to continue the climate strike movement on Friday, taking the place of many children who are sitting exams.

The protest is set to take place all around the world, with New Zealand participants heading to Parliament at midday.

It won't be children turning out in force today though.

"They can't go on strike to the global climate strike because they're doing exams," says Alicia hall, spokesperson for Millions of Mothers, a collective of parents supporting climate action.

She says adults need to step up and represent their children.

"We're the voters so we need to show the politicians that we care, that we're not just supporting the kids in the background, that we're also willing to show up," says Hall.

She is encouraging everyone who cares about the environment to show up.

"Parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, family - anyone that cares about the future of our children."

The climate strike movement has gained strength recently, led by Greta Thunberg.

The Swedish teen first made headlines in 2018 when she began spending her school days sitting outside Swedish parliament calling for more action on climate change.

Inspired by her protest, millions of other children around the world have since followed suit.

In September thousands of people took to the streets in centres all across New Zealand for the cause.