Quiz: How good is your general knowledge?

Knowledge is so last century.

With constant access to the internet, who needs to actually remember anything these days when it's so easy just to look things up online?

Well, although the ability to find answers is becoming a skill in itself, it turns out that having a basic grasp of general knowledge doesn't go astray either.

A new survey by the New Zealand Initiative shows that maybe Kiwis' general knowledge is not as flash-hot as we might like to think it is.

By asking 1000 New Zealanders a range of basic questions covering topics such as history, science and maths, the think tank hoped to gain an idea of how good our collective general knowledge is.

The survey's author, Briar Lipson, says assessing a country's state of knowledge is "not a straightforward process to gain a handle on, let alone judge".

However, Lipson believes that how you answer the following questions can show how good your general knowledge is.