SkyCity fire: Kiwis share work blunders in solidarity with convention centre tradie

Social media users have been encouraged to share their work blunders in support of an apprentice, who is believed to have left a blow torch unattended before the SkyCity blaze broke out.

The fire burned for more than two days last week.

"I know he is not alone in screwing something up," a Reddit post says.

Users were encouraged to share their apprenticeship, training, and learning curve disasters in "solidarity" with the apprentice.

"A guy I worked with (in a different job) may have set fire to Parliament buildings. They were doing a refurbishment and brought in their own toasted sandwich maker. Sometime after lunch, while in another part of the building, the fire alarms go off and they're evacuated," one user said.

Another wrote that an old colleague sent a global "reply all" email to about 20,000 people.

"I won't say what but he was saying something dumb and eye rolling at it."

Meanwhile professionals have made calls to ensure the person involved is receiving enough support.

"He needs to get family and good friends close and the workplace to offer as much support as they can because he will get through this, but it will be difficult," psychologist Sara Chatwin told NZME.

"Where you use humans for jobs you're going to have human error, so that's just a fact of life, whether it was him or someone else."

Fletcher Building boss Ross Taylor confirmed last week that blow torches were used near where the fire began. 

An investigation into the blaze is ongoing.


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