SPCA calls for private fireworks ban

An organisation that rescues animals is calling on the Government to ban the sale of fireworks to the public.

As of today you can pick up Roman candles, shots and fountains from stalls on the side of the road, but the SPCA wants to put a stop to it.

CEO Andrea Midgen says Guy Fawkes can be extremely stressful for animals.

"Some animals go so far to get out of it they'll injure themselves breaking through walls and windows, and all sorts of things," she told Newshub.

"We are very happy for people to go and enjoy it at a public event, but the individual private events are what's causing most of the [problems]."

She says those planning to set off fireworks at their homes should advise their neighbours so they can prepare their animals, because every year they get calls reporting injuries, frightened animals, missing pets and animal abuse.

"Cats or dogs have a way of getting out of the house, getting away from the scary noises, and we want to be able to relocate them back to their owners as quick as possible."

She says owners should put collars on their pets and get them microchipped if they haven't already.

Auckland Council earlier this year took submissions on whether private fireworks should be banned, and 89 percent of submissions were in favour.

More than 500 people are injured by fireworks every year according to ACC figures, not to mention animals.

In an unscientific poll on The AM Show last year, 71 percent expressed support for a total ban on private fireworks.

And nearly 18,000 people signed a petition presented to Parliament seeking to ban the retail sale of fireworks in New Zealand.