The cost of Guy Fawkes revealed

Fireworks-related injuries have cost ACC nearly $1.7 million in payouts over the past four years, excluding GST.

Figures released to Newshub show during that time, there have been slightly more than 1500 new claims for fireworks injuries nationwide - with 30 percent of those for children aged 10 and under.

Nelson had the highest total payout cost of $372,000, despite just 15 new claims - far fewer than many other cities.

Auckland followed closely, with $370,000 paid out, and also topped the number of new claims at 609.

Christchurch Hospital consultant emergency physician Scott Pearson says they see a range of injuries each Guy Fawkes season.

"Burns to the skin of the upper and lower limbs usually, sometimes facial burns or scalding, occasional eye injuries where people have become exposed in a very close environment."

He says people can also get hurt through activities happening at the time of the fireworks displays.

"What we often find is people have falls related to activities, and there may be alcohol consumed at the time, so that increases the rate of injuries suffered as the amount of alcohol consumed increases. We would always recommend that if possible, the people responsible for the fireworks display avoid alcohol."

A 2007 law change reduced the fireworks sale period to the four days prior to and including November 5 - but many feel that doesn't go far enough. 

Earlier this year Auckland Council voted to support a ban on the private sale and use of fireworks, after overwhelming support from residents. Eighty-nine percent of the nearly 8000 submissions on the topic supported the idea.

Pearson is also in favour.

"It's hard to argue a case that we should continue with private displays, but I think perhaps the answer is to have well-funded, safe, accessible public displays".

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has previously indicated the Government does not have any plans to introduce a ban.