Trampers rescued after getting lost in bad weather

Approximate location of Cedar Flat Hut.
Approximate location of Cedar Flat Hut. Photo credit: Google Maps

A father and son have been helicoptered out of the West Coast after failing to return from a tramp.

A search team was deployed Saturday night after they failed to show up at the expected time of 6pm, and found the pair at Cedar Flat Hut at 3am Sunday morning.

Police say the weather in the area yesterday was extremely bad, with heavy rain making the track difficult to navigate at times.

They're urging anyone heading outdoors to check conditions first.

"If the forecast is bad, please delay your trip until the conditions have improved," said Sgt Mark Kirkwood. 

 "It is also vital that anyone heading out is equipped appropriately and wearing suitable clothing for the conditions. Police also recommend carrying a personal locator beacon."