Two brothers who fought in World War One finally remembered

Two brothers from New Plymouth, who fought in World War One have finally found justice a hundred years since their death.

George and Herman Bollinger were left off the Omata, New Plymouth memorial, due to rumours they were German sympathisers.

The brothers both died fighting the Germans on the Western Front. 

However, unlike other veterans, they were snubbed from their hometown monument because of their German ancestry.

The two might have remained forgotten if not for the investigative skills of a group of students at Omata school. 

"It's quite sad because it's two people who fought and died for New Zealand.

"It's awesome to see the brothers being remembered today, and to see the living relatives is great," student Vaydim Noonan told Newshub. 

"The students who instigated this are just marvellous, I mean that was just such a surprise to us, we never expected anything like it," said family member, Nick Bollinger.

The two brothers from New Plymouth have been remembered with a ceremony.