Vegan activists upset by meat-eaters putting stickers over their stop sign stickers

Auckland stop signs have become the battleground in the war between vegans and meat-eaters.

A vegan activist group called 'Gummy Bears' has been leading an Auckland-wide initiative to place stickers on stop signs, so they now read 'STOP eating animals'.

But they're upset after meat-eaters launched a counter-campaign by putting stickers over their stop sign stickers.

One image shows a sign covered by large images of meat, along with the message "we love meat 4 life".

"Our stickers have the same background colour as the stop signs, so if they are placed carefully there is no effect on road safety," says Gummy Bears spokesperson Dr Michael Morris.

"We are however concerned with the irresponsible behaviour of some carnists (meat supporters), who are pasting meat-advertising material over the stop wording.

"This reduces the reflectivity of the sign, which can have an effect on road safety, according to the Transport Research Board in Washington DC. We have removed any such material if we see it."