Warnings to trampers after two consecutive rescues

A warning has been issued to trampers after two consecutive rescues on Friday.

The incidents required a rescue helicopter to save both people within 45 minutes of each other late in the afternoon.

One was found deep within the Kaimanawa Forest Park and the other was pulled off Mount Tauhara, east of Taupo. In both cases, they'd got lost and night was fast approaching.

With the weather improving and more people heading off into the outdoors, police are reminding people to be prepared and notify people of their plans.

"As more people take to our mountain and bush tracks this season the best way to do this is through proper preparation," says Taupo Police public safety team supervisor Sergeant Shane McNally.

"Whether it's a multi-day tramp or a day walk, remember to plan your trip, prepare for all conditions, properly equip yourself, tell someone about it and most importantly - stick to your plans."

Advice from police:

  • Plan your trip: seek local advice and knowledge if you are unfamiliar with terrain and conditions, and thoroughly plan your route before heading out
  • Tell someone where you are going, and let them know when to raise the alarm if you don't return
  • Beware of the weather: our weather is very unpredictable and can deteriorate quickly. Check the forecast and expect weather changes
  • Know your limits: don't push your physical limits and experience in unfamiliar or dangerous terrain
  • Take the right supplies and equipment: make sure you have the right clothing for the conditions and emergency rations for the worst-case scenario
  • Take appropriate means of communication
  • Think: if you get into trouble, can you call for help? Who knows where you are? Do you have the clothing, food and equipment to stay safe until help arrives?

More information about staying safe in the outdoors can be found at the Mountain Safety Council website.