Wellington historian says the city's wind needs a name

A Wellington historian says it's time the capital embraced its infamous wind with a name. 

Redmer Yska believes simply referring to it as a northerly or a southerly is boring, especially when it makes up so much of the city's identity.

Wellington's wind makes for bumpy landing and even damages buildings.

But, despite being the capital's best-known resident, the wind doesn't have a name.

"Maybe if we find a name that we can all agree on, maybe it'll make the wind more like a family member and we won't be so oppressed by it," said Yska.

He says it's time we took ownership of our gales like many other places around the world

"In France, they've got the mistral, in Switzerland, there's the fern, Trieste has the bora, in Cali, you have the Santa Ana - these are cool names," he told Newshub.

Kura Moeahu from Wellington's local iwi thinks it's a great idea to have something official.

He says Māori have named winds throughout history 

"What is Wellington renowned for? Hey, we own the wind," he said.

Newshub asked the city new mayor Andy Foster for his thoughts on naming the wind.

He said it's not something he's actively considering but if people come up with a name that resonates that'd be "cool".