20,000 Aucklanders could be exposed to flood hazards in the next 100 years - report

Projected sea level rises will threaten almost 20,000 Aucklanders living near the city's coastline, according to an interim report.

Researchers at Auckland Council have modelled scenarios which show more than 2500 buildings could be affected by flooding caused by climate change.

Tamaki Drive, Buckland's Beach, Orewa, the city waterfront, Takapuna, Devenport and Mount Wellington and Onehunga-Otahuhu are all at risk of flooding.

What could happen to Auckland City's waterfront.
What could happen to Auckland City's waterfront. Photo credit: Auckland Council/ Supplied.
Onehunga. Photo credit: Auckland Council/ Supplied.

The interim report shows the local impact rising sea-levels could have - however the researchers in charge of the report say more work is needed.

"Because we're using very broad data it doesn't give us much detail," said chief engineer Sarah Sinclair.

"But it is a start - we can see that [a building] is physically there but you can't see exactly where it is," she told Newshub. 

"Is it up a slope? Does it have multiple stories? Do people live in it, or is it just a boat shed?"

Sinclair says this information will be improved with the Council's next report. In order to improve the data she says researchers will check all their findings with Council workers in the field. 

"We're going to validate with our colleagues within the council that all the assets are mapped correctly - so we'll check that the data matches their personal experience, as well as historical floods and things like that,"

She also anticipates the number of dwellings affected will go down.

"The accurate picture will most likely be quite a bit smaller - but our intention was to present what the risks might look like," 

She says the public should take it as a cue to act before the situation grows dire."

"We need to reduce our terrible emissions, so we don't face the worst future."