Auckland Airport experiences the spirit of Christmas

  • 25/12/2019

Auckland Airport was full of touching moments today.

Many were seen hugging, while families were crying and happy to be reunited with their loved ones. 

The hustle and bustle of airport reunions bringing festive cheer to those forced to work.

"I think one must look at it from a different angle in terms of yes, it's a family day and we have to work. But let us try and make somebody else's Christmas while we are here," said David Billingham from Airport Customer Service Support. 

Newshub reporter Isabella Durant said the airport was still very busy. 

"Eighty-eight flights were arriving from International destinations today and a further 87 on Boxing day." 

Some travellers are not used to a warm Christmas. 

One person told Newshub they were flying in from Germany to see their daughter.

"Now we have a campervan and travel and go to the beach, have a bbq how New Zealander's have it."

While others had just flown in from Singapore and Los Angeles. 

"I'm here from LA, we're just gonna hang out with family, eat lots of food and just have an amazing time," a tourist said. 

The long-haul flights, custom lines and security checks are all worth it to spend Christmas day together with family.