Auckland University students get 'fantastic opportunity' to intern at McLaren Automotive

It's been 61 years since a young Bruce McLaren went to England on a racing scholarship that launched his career as a driver, designer, inventor and engineer.

Now, two Kiwis are following in his footsteps - winning internships at McLaren's luxury, eponymous supercar company.

McLaren Automotive in Woking is not your average internship location - and for the next three months, it will be home for two engineering students from Auckland University.

Lizzy Grant and Harvey Merton are big fans of "maths and physics" and have big brains and big ideas to boot.

"It's a fantastic opportunity for them to come here and follow in my father's footsteps, experience life at McLaren and hopefully bring some ideas from New Zealand across and take lots of ideas from us back home," Bruce McLaren's daughter, Amanda, told Newshub.

Although Lizzy has already spent two weeks here, Harvey is fresh off the plane.

"Automotive is such a complex and interdisciplinary field," he said, despite admitting he is "a terrible driver".

Amanda said her father would be "so proud" to know McLaren Automotive is providing an outlet to make young people's dreams come true.

"He would be so proud... my father had a dream, it came true. I think for any young person who's got a dream, do what you need to do to make that come true," she said.

Behind the wheel of a McLaren supercar - not a bad place to start that journey.

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