Australia has 'Kiwi envy' over Jacinda Ardern, plans for climate change

Australia is suffering from "Kiwi envy" due to New Zealand's humanitarian approach to climate change.

An article by Neil McMahon in the Sydney Morning Herald coined the phrase, saying

"Debate over the pressing question of climate change…eventually shifted to that other phenomenon afflicting modern Australia: Kiwi Envy.

The "debate" mentioned by McMahon is that of Australian current affairs show Q&A broadcasting its program from Fiji on Monday to discuss the effect rising oceans will have on Pacific nations.

During the show, an audience member asked what Australia planned to do about Pacific people displaced due to climate change and rising sea levels.

"New Zealand already has a plan for this. My question to Australia - how is the Australian government planning to help the people of the Pacific in this situation?" said Peni Hausia Havea.

"New Zealand, you see, has announced plans for a special humanitarian visa to help people displaced by climate change, which on current projections is going to upend our own backyard first," McMahon said in the Sydney Morning Herald.

Australia's Minister for International Development and the Pacific was not bothered by the suggestion New Zealand is doing better than Australia.

"If New Zealand is thinking ahead and way into the future, that's a matter for them," he told Q&A.

"Obviously in the future that would be a matter for future Australian governments to look at," he continued.

"I'd anticipate Australia would be part of something well into the future of that nature. But we would deal with it as it arose."

Jacinda Ardern was also credited with creating envious Aussies.

"[Her] disarming political charm and boldness has left many Australians gazing forlornly across the ditch and wondering 'what happened to us?'" wrote McMahon.

"Didn't we use to be good neighbours too?"

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