Car smashes into Auckland home after plunging down bank

A family is shocked after a car smashed into their Auckland home.

Emergency services were called to a Hillsborough house just before midnight on Wednesday night after a car crashed into it.

The vehicle had hit another car before going off the road and down a large bank, smashing into the home at the bottom.

Stacey, who was inside with her daughter at the time of the collision, told Newshub the car made quite an impact.

"[I] heard a loud squeal and lots of noise up on the road and then a great big shudder as the car hit the house."

She picked up the phone and rang the ambulance, before going outside with her daughter. The woman said she believed the driver was intoxicated.

"The car has come down a long way and it has come through the neighbour's place and straight through into the side of mine," she said.

Her house was damaged, with one of the beds inside pushed across the room and a bedside cabinet thrown over.

"There are ceiling cracks, doors have dropped."

Stacey said she's heard a similar incident had happened at the house before.

Police told Newshub there were no injuries.

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