Christchurch prisoners drunk on 'homebrew' use rubbish skip as swimming pool

Christchurch prisoners drunk on 'homebrew' use rubbish skip as swimming pool
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A group of Christchurch prisoners drunk on homebrew used a water-filled rubbish skip as their private swimming pool, leaving prison officials red-faced.

A group of around 20 prisoners had been working in the Christchurch Men's prison's engineering workshop fixing up old rubbish skips in October, Stuff reports.

Among their number were inmates like sex offender and prison escapee Mark Anthony Taylor, armed robber James Eddington and Mongrel Mob member Kyle Livesey.

But despite being under supervision, these three prisoners - and two other unnamed men - apparently managed to get their hands on a large quantity of homebrew.

Homebrew's an alcoholic concoction created by fermenting bread, fruit, water and sugar, often inside plastic bags.

After consuming this drink, the five inmates became severely intoxicated and - fully clothed - began swimming in a skip filled with water.

When guards arrived on the scene, they found one reportedly lying barely conscious on the floor, Stuff reports. Another allegedly tried to stab a guard with a screwdriver.

One inmate was taken to hospital, and three have been transferred to the Otago Corrections Facility.

Corrections chief custodial officer Neil Beales told Stuff a review into the five inmates' actions is underway.

"This is clearly unacceptable. Prisoners who take part in employment activities and industry training are expected to take this privilege and responsibility seriously," he said.

"Additional measures may be implemented pending the outcome of the review into this matter."