Could weka be New Zealand's newest predator control agent?

A video posted on Twitter has predator control experts wondering if weka could be the secret weapon when it comes to eliminating introduced species.

Posted to the Predator Free New Zealand Twitter page, the video shows a weka chasing a stoat along a West Coast road.

The tiny stoat is darting from side to side as the bird sprints after it.

"Maybe weka are our secret force in achieving predator-free," Predator Free NZ cheekily captioned the video.

"Just your typical West Coast," says the man filming.

"That's brilliant - get it weka get it!"

Whether the weka did manage to catch the stoat is unknown - Predator Free NZ says the pair disappeared into the bush, leaving the outcome a mystery. 

According to the Department of Conservation (DoC) the weka was looking for its next meal.

"The mustelid was definitely on the menu," said principal advisor Herb Christophers.

"[Weka] are scavengers and will eat just about anything. They are relatively aggressive."

Twitter users backed the tongue-in-cheek proposal to use weka as pest control. 

"They eat mice too yes? Great predator control agents!" said one woman.

"Can we aerial drop weka into problem pest areas?" wrote another.

Whether or not weka could control pests permanently, the video has thrilled the internet.

"Superb you funky little dinosaur," said one person while another likened the epic chase to "something out of Jurassic Park".