Department of Conservation launches summer tourism campaign

The Department of Conservation (DoC) is encouraging tourists to treat New Zealand kindly in its new summer campaign.

The 'Love this Place' campaign focuses on five areas of behaviour - littering, using the toilet, wildlife interaction, safety and drone use.

"It's simple stuff," said DoC heritage and visitors director Steve Taylor in a statement on Monday.

"Give wildlife space, remove all litter, prepare for your visit and poo in a loo!"

The rise of freedom camping has led to some campers defecating in natural areas.

"Leaving human waste in natural areas can result in contaminated water supplies and soils and lead to diseases such as giardia," says DoC on its website.

Drone use is another aspect of behaviour DoC wants to spread a message about.

"Many people simply aren't aware of the negative impacts their drone can have on New Zealand's birds in particular, and that you must have a permit to use a drone over conservation lands and waters," Taylor said.

DoC will put an additional $5 million into managing visitors to its sites.

"Through this investment we'll be focusing on compliance, keeping tracks, huts and campsites in good condition, protecting the natural environment and telling the stories of our species and plants."