Dogs on Auckland trains: The days you can do it

If you have trouble transporting your furry friend around, there are now more options.

Auckland Transport has announced the second phase of its pets-on-trains trial, where dogs of all sizes will be allowed to ride at non-peak hours.

Councillor Cathy Casey says it is something she has been advocating for.

"It's great to be able to take the dog out for the family for the day. You can go to the coast, have an adventure with your dog. I think there's going to be a really huge uptake."

The initial phase started in June. Previously, only small dogs that could fit in a carrier were allowed on board. Pets will travel free.

They'll be allowed on board at off-peak times - 9am-3pm and 6:30pm-end of service on weekdays, and all-day weekends and public holidays.

Casey says there are more than 100,000 registered dogs in Auckland, and it widens opportunities for their owners.

"To get to parks, you don't often live near a park and your dog might not be able to walk that far."

And the public are being assured not to worry if the see dogs with muzzles. Casey says it is a requirement, regardless of the dog's attitude.

"It's not that they're biting and they're dangerous animals - at the moment we associate a muzzle with a dangerous dog - this is just a requirement of Auckland Transport."

Auckland Transport group manager of metro services says the earlier trial was a hit with users.

"There are many Aucklanders who may not have access to a vehicle to take their pet to the vet or to explore our city. This will potentially benefit both the owners and the pets."

Only 12 percent of people in a survey commissioned by Auckland Transport were against the idea. 

The present trial runs until March.

The complete rules for travelling with big dogs on public transport can be found here.