Duncan Garner: Gun buyback data breach is why we don't trust the Government

OPINION: What a monumental cock-up this data breach around the gun buyback is. 

It's become far too regular from the public service, who either don't understand the technology they're dealing with or they're just useless and play fast and loose with our information. 

Thousands of law-abiding gun owners did as the Government demanded and handed in their guns.

And they also handed in their details, including who they are, where they live and what guns they have.

Those personal details are supposed to be for some dark dingy cupboard in Police National Headquarters. They are not to be shared with the world.

But then some goober in a company contracted to the police hits a few wrong buttons and makes the details available to 66 gun dealers around the country, and maybe even more.

Top effort mate.

Now, the police and Government can say what they like and minimise this by saying it went to dealers only - but how would they know?

What happens if they trade it? 

Could gang members now stand over dealers demanding to know who owns what and where?

What's the gun dealer to do then? 

No wonder we don't trust the Government and public servants. This is why I don't fill out the census or many other Government forms.

They want the world from us, but largely treat it with contempt.

This year we have seen huge leaks on patient data in our hospitals and in Treasury of course, too.

And rightly so people are horrified when they find out and usually report feeling violated.

Now, Police Minister Stuart Nash won't be forced to resign - it's not his fault.

And if he's going to be sacked for performance, then I can think of an Ian and a Phil who should go first.

There may not be many left in Cabinet if performance is the new criteria. 

And this surely is the end of a formal gun register.

If they can't keep this private how on earth will they keep a formal register secret?

Duncan Garner is host of The AM Show.

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