Fijian-Indian community reacts in shock, anger to Papatoetoe double-death

Members of New Zealand's Fijian-Indian community are reacting in shock and anger after the death of a husband and wife in south Auckland.

Police were called to a Papatoetoe property on Sunnyside Crescent on Monday, where they found the wife's body inside a bedroom, alongside a critically injured four-year-old boy. The husband was found inside the property's garage.

A Facebook post on the 'I'm Proud to be Fijian - Official' page has sparked heated discussion over the deaths.

"Speechless, very sad. Can’t stop thinking about this, pray to God this does not happen to anyone. Get help, this is not the way to end things," one person commented on the page.

"Man this is f**ked up. Why didn't you say anything when you're at work and you play it like everything [all good] at home. That's why you ask for advice and help. But still gonna miss bruh," another commented.

Others are shocked that a young child was attacked, and is now fighting for their life.

"Irrespective of what one goes through, but hurting an innocent child does not justify one's actions!" was one comment.

"Yes we totally understand what happens behind anyone's closed doors is not revealed and we don't know how much tears maybe behind a smile but trying to kill your own child - I have no remorse for such souls."

Police at the Sunnyside property.
Police at the Sunnyside property. Photo credit: Newshub

The 'I'm Proud to be Fijian - Official' page encourages people to seek mental health support.

"I think this is a good time to put a note in our society to take mental health issues very seriously, which should be supported and encouraged by first our own friends and family instead of blaming the govt or anyone else," the page wrote.

"It's a taboo for Fiji men to talk about depression and mental health cause people are more worried about the gossips that will be raised. Our community would rather gossip than to help someone."

Police say a four-year-old boy remains in hospital in a critical condition as the investigation continues.

Post-mortems are taking place for both of the dead on Tuesday as a scene examination continues.

Police are at the scene.
Police are at the scene. Photo credit: Newshub

The next-door neighbours told Newshub the victims were a tight-knit Indian family, with a mother, father and young boy.

They saw the child being taken away on a stretcher yesterday morning, with cuts and lacerations to his head. They said he looked lifeless.

The neighbours said he was a high-energy boy, who always kept his mother very busy. They had just been watching the boy play with all his new Christmas toys this week in the backyard.

This news is "way too close to home", one told Newshub.

Counties Manukau Police acknowledge this is a tragic incident that has shocked many people in the community.

"Police are supporting the families of those involved who are understandably devastated at what has occurred," Det Insp Colin Higson said in a statement on Tuesday.

"We have spoken to a number of people as part of our ongoing enquiries and we want to thank the local community for their assistance with our investigation.

"I want to reiterate that police are not seeking anyone else in relation to this event."

Where to find help and support: