Girl charged with murder after elderly Levin woman assaulted

A young girl has been charged with murder after the death of a 90-year-old woman in Levin.

The elderly woman, whose name is suppressed, was attacked in her Levin home on 2 November after she opened her door to the three girls, one of whom said she needed to use the toilet.

The two other girls have been charged with being party to murder.

All three girls will appear in the Palmerston North Youth Court on Tuesday. All have name suppression.

The family of the 90-year-old woman told Newshub in November she was "smashed, bashed and left for dead" during the assault. She died in hospital on 27 November.

The attack left the community reeling with one resident telling Newshub it affected everyone.

"It's pretty tough and it obviously affects just about everyone, or it should do, in the community... they should feel pretty sad for that lady," he said.