Heated debate over lights at Hagley Park's cricket oval

Passionate submissions were heard at the Christchurch City Council on Friday by those for and against a proposal to install six 50-metre-tall permanent lights at Hagley Park's Cricket Oval.

The lights are needed to meet the ICC's International cricket floodlight standards, and in 2021 the Women's Cricket World Cup.

"This is a critical moment in the development of women's sport globally and the hosting of this high profile world cup in New Zealand is a unique opportunity for Christchurch," said ICC Women's Cricket World Cup chief executive Andrea Nelson. 

But the floodlights are controversial and up for debate.

Some say Hagley Park should remain untouched but others say progress is vital.

"The importance of repositioning our city cannot be over-emphasised," said Canterbury Employment Chamber of Commerce Leann Watson. 

"Moving away from being known as a city of earthquakes to a city of opportunity and exploration," she continued. 

Out of the 2200 written submissions made, a panel of four city councillors will hear from around 50 individuals and organisations on the matter. 

Nine out of 10 in favour of the lights say Christchurch is missing out on a huge opportunity.

"During last summer and this one, India visited, and are visiting these shores," said Canterbury Cricket chief executive Jeremy Curwin.

"Unfortunately due to their broadcast requirements, cricket fans are not being able to see them play with either t20 or 50 over fixtures in the South Island."

If they find in favour Christmas could come early for cricket fans - lights and all