Hundreds spot 'very large' meteor over New Zealand

Hundreds of people have reported spotting a "very large" meteor over New Zealand last night.

The "spectacular" shooting star was seen everywhere from Wellington to Alexandra, with reports of the sky lighting up with incredible, vivid colours.

"Amazing moment. Coming back from seeing Rise of Skywalker, stopped on Petone Esplanade to get a view of the perfect crescent moon over Wellington City... and as I stood there watching it a meteor shot low across the sky in a shower of red and blue sparks," one person wrote on Twitter.

"I've seen shooting stars many times when in the country away from city lights, but never one that seemed so close and that sparked in colours!"

"Saw the sky light up earlier in Christchurch and everyone else is talking about it too. Some suggesting it was a meteor?? Was quite spectacular, the whole sky lit up. Lasted about two seconds," another said.

Glen Garden was fortunate enough to capture a short video of the meteor, showing the sky turning white as the meteor flashes overhead. And others on Facebook have described seeing a "huge ball" trailed by a long fiery tail.

"Near Cromwell and it flew in over the mountains, a brilliant red tail and then a huge white flash as it burned up and then it turned a wonderful green hue as it faded away. So big and bright - the best one I have ever seen," said Steph Robertson on the Canterbury Snow and Weather Watch Facebook page.