London Māori club Ngāti Rānana providing London-based Kiwis with sense of belonging at Christmas

London-based Kiwis are rediscovering their roots through a Māori performance group called Ngāti Rānana.

The London Māori club was formed in 1958 and has just held its Christmas concert at the Regent Hall in central London.

The concert was many months in the making for members of Ngāti Rānana. Even the tamariki from the kōhanga have been practising.

The performance is particularly special for British Māori.

"My mum's English, my dad's Māori. I've been raised here all my life. I thought it was time I connected to my roots a bit more," Ngāti Rānana member Josh Harden told Newshub.

Harden had never done a haka until he joined the club. He says his new immersion into Māori culture has been life-changing.

"It feels like I've crammed in all these missing bits of my life into like three months... it's all come together here," he said.

There are many more like Harden. Fellow member Tahla Krosschell, from the north of England, has a Māori father.

"I always felt there was something missing in my life. Since I've come here and learned more about being Māori, I definitely feel [more whole]," she said.

The journey of self-discovery is for both the young and old. Seven-year-old Paloma Wilson is grabbing tikanga Māori with both hands.

"I feel like keeping in touch with my culture, seeing what their tradition was," Paloma told Newshub.

Ngāti Rānana is open to all New Zealanders living in England.

"It's like a little home away from home, which is what I've been missing," says one Kiwi member.

That sense of belonging, especially at this time of year, makes the hard work worth it for Ngāti Rānana chairman, Luke Claason.

"Celebrate being Māori, in London. This kind of occasion brings us all together, reminds us how much we miss home," he explained.

"It re-energises us for the next year."