Man filmed tossing Flamingo e-scooter into middle of the road

Video of a man tossing a Flamingo scooter into a bush has divided social media users.

The footage, posted on Twitter on Wednesday, shows a man picking up a Flamingo scooter on Wellington's Lambton Quay.

He then crosses to the traffic island in the middle of the road and dumps the electric scooter in a bush.

"Oi bro you wanna go get that scooter out?" the person filming asks.

"It's safer there," the other man replies.

Some of the comments on the tweet criticise the scooter dumper, saying he's "clearly deranged".

But others say the scooters are a hazard to people with disabilities, and the man is just moving the scooters out of the way.

Flamingo, the company which owns the scooters, says the man's actions appear to be isolated.

"Flamingo does not tolerate this kind of behaviour and is working closely with the Wellington police to help investigate the individual," a spokesperson told Newshub.

The company says safety is a priority. 

"Flamingo endeavours to create a service that works for everyone in the community, working closely with the Wellington City Council and members of the public every day to ensure scooters are positioned safely."


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