Police have suspect after burglars break into Rotorua house, have sex

masked burglar with crowbar breaking and entering into a victim's home - Image
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Police say they have a suspect in a case where thieves are believed to have broken into a house in Rotorua and had sex.

The incident was reported by a couple who returned to their home after a night away and discovered they had been burgled, according to the Rotorua Daily Post.

Among the things stolen was the linen from their bed, the couple said. They also said they found an empty bottle of rum and that their duvet had been pushed down.

Later that day, the couple found their bed's mattress protector, pillowcases and fitted sheet had been thrown over the back cliff behind their house, the Rotorua Daily Post reported. 

They also found stains on the linen that appeared to be semen, the couple said, leading them to believe the thieves had had sex in their house

Police confirmed to Newshub they had received a report of a burglary at the address on Kawaha Point Rd on November 24.

They also confirmed there was someone they wanted to talk to in relation to the case, but said they were not identified through DNA evidence linked to the stained sheets.

No further details could be given "for operational reasons", police said.

According to the Rotorua Daily Post, police said the suspect had not been located because they were transient.