Terminally-ill Kiwi man says people should show more love, compassion and humility

A man with a terminal illness has shared his life's wisdom as part of The Project's Death Week. 

The show is talking to a handful of Kiwis who don't have much time left - but have agreed to share some of what they've learned over their lifetime.

Timmy Albert Trevor Rehu is dying from congestive heart failure.  

"There's nothing that can be done," he said on Wednesday's episode.

"Being a Maori, I instantly went and prepared for my funeral when they told me I only had five weeks [to live] back in 2016. 

"My funeral was prepared but I'm still waiting for the other part of the deal."

Timmy says he sees life differently now.

"We talk about it... why is life too short... to argue, fight, war and all that kind of stuff. 

"You need to show a bit more love to everybody... a bit more compassion, a bit of humility to people. Humble yourself, man.

"Love is the key. That's all we know, anyway."

Watch the video above.

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