Upper Hutt pool drained after woman throws glass at partner

An Upper Hutt pool has been closed for the weekend after a woman hurled a glass container at her partner, sending shards into the water. 

On Wednesday, a woman exited the H2O Xtream aquatic centre's changing room and threw the container at her partner who was in the pool.

"The container shattered on the side of the pool and a lot of glass went into the water," said Upper Hutt City Council's director of community services Mike Ryan.

The pool and slides have all been closed, and all the water - nearly a million litres - has been drained. The pool was also vacuumed to ensure no glass fragments remained.

The pool will reopen on Monday after four days of intensive cleaning.

"There was no other option to make sure there were no glass slithers left in the pool," said Ryan. 

He says the closure isn't ideal.

"It's inconvenient for all," Ryan told Newshub.

"First and foremost the community - lots of schools have their end of year parties here," he said.

The pool will reopen at 5:30am on Monday - glass free.