White Island eruption: Police name four more victims

Police have named four more victims of Monday's Whakaari/White Island eruption.

They are 24-year-old New Zealander Tipene James Te Rangi Ataahua Maangi; 15-year-old Australian Zoe Ella Hosking; 53-year-old Australian Gavin Brian Dallow; and 51-year-old Australian Anthony James Langford. 

Dallow was Zoe's stepfather. Her mother Lisa Dallow was being treated in Waikato Hospital, before being flown home to Australia.

Zoe was a member of Girl Guides South Australia, and Dallow a volunteer.

"Zoe had the potential to grow into an amazing young woman and fantastic leader of Guides," the organisation said. "Her loss is an incredible tragedy which will impact on others for a long time."

The Dallows and daughter Zoe.
The Dallows and daughter Zoe. Photo credit: Supplied

Maangi was a tour guide from Whakatane.

Tipene Maangi.
Tipene Maangi. Photo credit: Supplied

Police named another victim on Saturday evening - 21-year-old Australian Krystal Browitt.

So far 15 people have been confirmed dead. Police on Sunday morning have been trying to recover the final two bodies, so far without luck.

Aerial searches assisted those on the ground, whose breathing apparatus only allowed them to be on the island for 75 minutes. 

Deputy Police Commissioner Mike Clement says they are not giving up.

"There will come a time when we've done everything that's sensible to do. We're not there yet, and we don't give up easily. There's a whole lot of disappointed people behind me."

The six others on the island were brought back to the mainland on Friday. 

Responders are describing each mission as difficult, both mentally and physically, and dehydration is proving to be a problem.

Staff from police, the Defence Force and Navy remain in Whakatane.

"We are now debriefing, reassessing and coming up with a new plan going forward," said Deputy Commssioner John Tims. 

"Our staff and partner agencies continue to work tirelessly as we approach one week since this tragic event and I wish to thank them for their dedication."


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