White Island eruption: Police postpone search for remaining two bodies

Authorities have had to postpone their search for two remaining victims of the White Island eruption.

The police eagle helicopter left for an aerial search of the shoreline on Tuesday morning but was forced to turn back because of bad weather.

A police statement said the dive squad will not be in the water on Tuesday, but a second attempt will be made by helicopter, or shoreline search by boat later in the morning if conditions improve.

"Police will continue to release updates as and when available."

Monday marked a week since the eruption disaster that's claimed at least 16 lives. Fourteen people remain in New Zealand hospitals - 10 of whom are critical. Thirteen people have been transferred to Australia.

At 2:11pm on Monday, there was a nationwide minute of silence to remember the victims.

Speaking from Whakatane, Newshub's Emma Cropper said on Monday it had been an unimaginable time for the town. 

"The mood in Whakatane has really turned from one of shock to now grief," she said.

"The last week has been such a long and heartbreaking week."

Police Commissioner Mike Bush said they won't give up on recovering the remaining two bodies.

"We will continue to search for those two people for as long as there's a possibility of finding them," he told Magic Talk's Steven McIvor on Monday.