White Island eruption: Police release names of nine missing people

The names of those missing after the Whakaari / White Island tragedy have been released by police.

On Monday afternoon the volcano erupted. At the time of the explosion, 47 people were on or around the island.

Six people have died from the injuries they sustained.

Police have a "definitive list" of people in hospital. However this canot be released.

Nine people are not hospitalised, nor have they been discharged. 

Police say the list is not complete "as we have been unable to speak with all next of kin involved".


These nine people are now officially listed as missing. 

  • Gavin Dallow (Australia)
  • Jessica Richards (Australia)
  • Krystal  Browitt (Australia)
  • Richard Elzer  (Australia)
  • Zoe Hosking (Australia)
  • Karla  Mathews (Australia)
  • Julie  Richards (Australia)
  • Tipene Maangi (New Zealand)
  • Hayden Inman (New Zealand)


What do we know about the missing people?

Hayden Inman is presumed to have died on the island. His brother told Newshub Hayden would have "do anything for anyone".

Tour guide Tipene Maangi, 24, is believed to have been on White Island when the volcano erupted. 

Maangi's cousin, Anihera Paku, told Newshub he wasn't supposed to be working on Monday, but was called in to pick up an extra shift and hasn't been heard from since.

Paku says Maangi is the "laugh of the crowd".

Mother and daughter Julie and Jessica Richards, from Brisbane, are also on the list.

Julie's sister Barbara Whitehead said she called seven hospitals around New Zealand trying to find information. 

"We've rung the hospital; we've rung the cruise line; we've rung the New Zealand police hotline and nobody can tell us anything," Whitehead told ABC.

Julie, 47, and Jessica, 20, were scheduled to return home to Australia in the weekend.

Gavin Dallow, 53, was on the cruise ship with his wife Lisa Dallow, 48, and stepdaughter Zoe Hosking, 15. Lisa was initially listed as missing but was later reported to be in hospital in Hamilton with severe burns.