Bay Dreams brawl caught on video

Footage of an all-in brawl at a New Year's music festival is being shared on social media.

The video, shot at the Bay Dreams festival in Mt Maunganui, shows several people - male and female - scrapping and throwing punches, surrounded by onlookers.

People whoop and cheer, laughing as brawlers wrestle each other to the ground and exchange blows.

Police told Newshub three people were taken into custody during the popular festival - two were warned for disorderly behaviour and a third - a 30-year-old man - charged with possession of party drug ecstasy.

Otherwise they said there were "no major issues" to report.

Newshub has contacted Bay Dreams organisers for more information.

New Year's Eve and its associated festivities are some of the busiest times for emergency services. More than 100 people were involved in a standoff with police in Hawke's Bay on December 31, and St John recorded twice as many callouts as normal that evening.