Christchurch woman horrified after finding shards of glass in toothpaste

One of the shards Hannah says she found inside her toothpaste.
One of the shards Hannah says she found inside her toothpaste. Photo credit: Getty/ Supplied - Hannah White

A Christchurch woman is horrified after finding glass in her toothpaste.

Hannah White was brushing her teeth on Thursday morning when she noticed something was off.

"I felt all these big chunks in my mouth," she told Newshub.

Hannah was shocked to find the culprit - shards of glass which she says she's sure came from inside the toothpaste tube.

"I was all cut and bleeding and just like, oh my god," she said.

"It ended up slicing my gums and inner cheek. It should be taken off the shelf," she told Newshub. 

She says her young children use the same toothpaste - and her eight-year-old daughter had her mouth cut as well. 

Hannah contacted Oral B, the company that makes the toothpaste to complain about the product.

"They offered me a $10 gift card and a bag to send the toothpaste back," she says.

A spokesperson for Oral B told Newshub they are aware of the incident.

"The safety and satisfaction of our customers is our highest priority so we have spoken with this customer personally today to seek more information and receive the product sample for testing," they said on Thursday.

"Our manufacture and supply chain processes are of the highest standard in the world. We are taking all steps to fully investigate this matter further." 

Hannah says there is no other way the glass could have gotten into her and her child's mouth, and the experience has put her off buying Oral B completely.