Comedian Mike King shares graphic photos of motorcycle crash injuries

Mike King sustained serious injuries and was flown to hospital after a motorcycle crash.
Mike King sustained serious injuries and was flown to hospital after a motorcycle crash. Photo credit: Facebook/Mike King

Warning: This story contains images that may disturb some people.

Mental health champion and comedian Mike King has shared graphic photos of the serious injuries he sustained in a motorbike crash. 

On January 3, King hit an oil patch while riding north of Paeroa. He sustained a broken collar bone, a snapped scapula, a punctured lung and nine broken ribs.

He was admitted to Waikato Hospital, where he stayed for 11 days.

King shared a "big list" of thank-yous to his Facebook page on Wednesday, as well as photos of his hospital journey.

"First of all, the beautiful people who nursed me for an hour while I was lying on the road waiting for the rescue helicopter unable to breathe and thinking I was going to die. You guys were amazing at keeping me calm.

"To my darling wife who rang shortly after the crash and said, 'Hi babe, where are you?' and when I said 'lying on the road' didn't tell me off.

"To the ambo's (sic) who arrived with ketamine and morphine thanks for taking away the pain. To the rescue helicopter team, best Uber ride ever!

"To all the staff at Waikato Hospital, the critical care team, the HDU team, the surgeons, the staff at ward M2. Every one of you is incredible."

King went on to thank his flatmates, friends, hospital visitors and everyone who sent kind messages.

"For a lot of people this crash would have been devastating, but I see it as a blessing in disguise as it reminded [me] that I have so much to be grateful for. I am very privileged to do what I do and I will never take it for granted."

Photos also shared in the post include King in the rescue helicopter while being treated, and in his hospital bed with a tube coming out of his underarm. There is also a photo of him in recovery-mode sitting outside in the sun reading a book.

King had another motorcycle accident in December 2019 when a car pulled in front of him on a motorway.