Dashcam footage shows JUCY campervan's 'dangerous' overtaking manoeuvre

Police are investigating after footage of a JUCY campervan performing a dangerous overtaking manoeuvre was posted online. 

The dashcam footage shows the van overtaking a truck on State Highway 4 near Taumarunui as they drive around a corner.

Jaz Smith, who captured the video, said in a Facebook post there was no way the drivers would've seen what was coming around the corner.

"This person in the Juicy (sic) van decided to pass a Halls truck on a short straight that goes into a bend," she said.

"They're so lucky that the Halls truck slowed down, and went over to the side, and the oncoming car they literally would've crashed head-on into had moved right over."

A report of the incident was made to police and they are following up. 

Wellington road policing manager Inspector Derek Orchard said dangerous manoeuvres like this put the driver and other road users at risk.

"When overtaking, ensure the road is clear and there is sufficient space for your vehicle to safely return to the correct lane," he said.

"Your safety and that of other road users is more important than arriving a few minutes later to your destination."

Police urge, whenever it is possible and safe to do so, for people to call *555 at the time they witness poor driving behaviour, and to call 111 if there's a risk to public safety.

JUCY has been contacted for comment.