Duncan Garner: 'Let's do this' - free lunches in schools a no-brainer

OPINION: Over the next fortnight our kids head back to school.

Some will go with a lunch from home, some will get fed at the school. And some may miss out altogether.

Now, fundamentally I have always believed that it's a parent's job to send their children off to school with a packed lunch. 

For decades and decades it was the norm - mum or sometimes dad packed your lunch.

But along came poverty, shift work and absent parents - and too many kids were missing out.

So KidsCan came to the party, and they're now in hundreds of schools feeding thousands of kids.

And while I still agree with myself - that it's a parents job - I'm turning.

This is complex, but maybe we bite the Nutribullet and accept life has become too complicated and too many kids are either missing out or eating poorly.

Perhaps we say, right let's provide lunch in every school in the country. 

I've seen this across American schools and the outcomes far outweigh the costs.

Obesity can be addressed and kids learn to sit together at a table.

It will be the healthiest and most nutritious part of the day for most of them.

Health outcomes will improve. 

I say parents should contribute, but it should be funded largely by the taxpayer. Although, if Fonterra and Mainfreight want in - then welcome aboard. 

I have one problem though - why bother with the Government's pilot programme about to kick off in 30 schools?

We know how to do it, so to steal a phrase - let's do this.

Duncan Garner hosts The AM Show.