Kiwi father to walk a marathon a day to raise money for Ronald McDonald House after son suffers traumatic brain injury

A Kiwi father will walk from Cape Reinga to central Auckland in 10 days to raise money for the Ronald McDonald Charity House (RMHC).

RMHC helps support families by giving them a house to stay in when their child is hospitalised and away from home.

It's a charity which is deeply personal to Vince Scappuci and his partner Jess, as, in April 2018, their 12-month-old son suffered a brain injury.

Baby Leo had a fall at home which broke the back of his skull and caused an internal bleed. That bleed led to brain injury.

"He fell unconscious straight away - that was Friday night and he stayed unconscious for about three days," Vince told The AM Show on Monday.

Leo remained in hospital for six days and is now severely brain-damaged.

"I lived the hardest time of my life knowing my son was in a hospital bed because of my moment of inattention," said Vince in a post on his fundraising page.

"I feel like now I can do something to fill up the pain in my heart with positive energy."

Throughout March, Vince will walk 43 kilometres per day - a total of 440 km.

In a post on his fundraiser page, he says it's the same distance he and his family travelled to stay in an RMHC when Leo was hospitalised.

His partner Jess has also dedicated herself to the fundraiser. Jess plans to walk 210 km throughout March.

All proceeds from their efforts will go directly to help other Kiwi families in need when their children have been hospitalised.