Lawyers hope new video will clear convicted murderer's name in Arthur Easton murder case

The defence team of a man who was convicted of murder says his profile doesn't match initial witness descriptions of the offender - and they've released a video to prove it.

On Wednesday, Newshub revealed new evidence in the case of Alan Hall, who was convicted of murdering Auckland man Arthur Easton in 1985.

Hall is five foot seven, 67 kilograms and pakeha, but the 'home intruder' was initially described as a six-foot Māori with big arm muscles.

However, a new video was discovered sitting in storage by Alan's brother Greg, and he hopes the evidence achieves what his family have waited decades for.

"Alan's legal team can work together and have a good outcome for the injustice that was done here, for Alan," he said.

Easton was murdered with a bayonet, and Alan was charged after he told police he owned the murder weapon and a hat that was left at the crime scene - items he said were stolen.

His defence team's investigator Tim McKinnel said the new video could help clear his name.

"So when we have descriptions of witnesses describing the offender as muscular, strong like a wild bull, I think it is helpful to see footage of Alan himself."

The descriptions came from Easton's son who fought with the killer, but their initial account was never given to Hall's trial lawyer.

"The descriptions that the witnesses gave at the time of the murder really don't fit Alan at all and this video helps demonstrate that," McKinnel said.

The defence team are planning to file their appeal to the Supreme Court later this year.

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